“Unexpected Connections: Senior Cat Finds New Lease on Life Through Play with Kitten Companion”

Jaina from the Cats of San Bernardino organization successfully rescued Phoenix, a cat who had been wandering outside of a gated apartment complex for over a year. It was discovered that he had been abandoned by his previous owners and had been suffering from severe depression. Upon further examination, it was revealed that Phoenix had FIV and a severe case of mange, which caused most of his facial hair to fall out and his skin to become inflamed. Despite these health issues, Phoenix was friendly and allowed Jaina to handle him with ease. The rescue team quickly took him to their home base for treatment and started his recovery process right away. Thanks to their efforts, Phoenix made a full recovery.

It was then that they realized Phoenix’s real age was much older than his appearance suggested. Given his preference for lying down and sleeping all day, it is highly probable that he has brittle bones. Although they could pet him, he remained aloof and not inclined to show affection, as Jaina recounted.

It was apparent that Phoenix preferred to keep to himself and didn’t show interest in the other rescue cats. Jaina understood this and respected his space. However, a lively kitten entered the picture and disrupted Phoenix’s solo lifestyle.

Ruby was one of four kittens born in a backyard and left alone by their mother. They were all unwell when they were found, but with time they recovered. Initially, it was challenging to get Ruby to eat, but they persevered. Eventually, Ruby independently sought out her milk and nourishment.

Before long, something incredible occurred! Little Ruby was drawn to Phoenix, playing with his tail and stroking him with her tiny paw. Jaina initially covered Phoenix with her hand, unsure of how he would react given the kitten’s small size. She was worried he might accidentally harm her due to his large size. Initially, Phoenix was hesitant and nudged her away with his paws, but Ruby persisted. Eventually, Phoenix relented, and he began playing with Ruby, seemingly curious about what she would do next.

And just like that, Phoenix began to give Ruby a thorough cleaning. As it turns out, cats have three main reasons for licking each other. Firstly, mothers lick their kittens to keep them safe from predators and to make them smell like her. This helps the mother identify her young easily. Secondly, cats that are closely related may groom each other as they share a kinship bond. Lastly, cats may also lick each other as a way of bonding with one another.

It appears that Phoenix’s motive is the third option as they have developed a unique bond. They witnessed a different aspect of Phoenix, which they had never seen before. Currently, Phoenix spends time with Ruby and even joins her in activities. In fact, Phoenix now engages in solo play.

According to Jaina, Ruby brought out the lively and energetic nature of Phoenix. The moment they connected, it was clear that Phoenix required Ruby in his life. They are both happy to have found each other.

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