Encountering the Magnificent Bird Adorned with Dazzling Beauty.

The spangle-checked tanager has unique and distinctive features that distinguish it from others of its kind. With its orangey beɩɩy, teal wings, and turquoise spangles, this medium-sized passerine bird stands out at 13 cm (5.1 inches) long and weighing around 20 g (0.71 ounces). Its head, breast, and top region have a predominantly black color, while the breast, sides of the face, and neck are marked with blue scaling. The crown of the head is rufous, and the rump is green, giving the bird an overall striking appearance. The cinnamon beɩɩy provides a contrast to the blue-bordered wings and tail.

While both males and females of a certain species have similar physical features, male birds tend to have more blue scaling. Young birds may also resemble males more than adult birds due to the lack of a head patch and less noticeable scales.

The bird species mentioned here is indigenous to the regions of Costa Rica and western Panama where it can be easily spotted.

These feathered creatures have a preference for wooded areas that are abundant in epiphytes, where they can make their home in the canopy at heights ranging from 1,200 to 3,000 meters. They can also be found in semi-open spaces, forest edges, and areas of secondary vegetation at lower altitudes.

The spangled-cheeked tanager’s diet consists mainly of fruits, but it also consumes insects and spiders, which are usually swallowed whole.

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