“Sunshine and Noir: Discover the Unique Avian Beauty of the Yellow and Black Plumaged Bird”

The Speckled Tanager is a stunning bird with a unique and charming coat that sets it apart from other birds. It looks absolutely gorgeous wherever it goes!

The Speckled tanager, scientifically known as Ixothraupis guttata, is a charming bird of medium size. Its upper parts and wings are a vibrant shade of lime green, while its lower body is pure white. However, what distinguishes this bird from its peers is the cleverly scattered black marks on its underparts, making it stand out in any environment. In addition, these lovely birds have an impressive tail that is black with green borders. The black line extending from their eyes to their beaks also adds to their captivating appeal.

Distinguishing between male and female birds is not rocket science, as there are some key features that make it quite easy. For starters, female birds tend to have fewer black markings on their breasts compared to the males. Additionally, the green borders on the upper parts are wider for females, although they may not be as well-defined as those found in males.

The speckled tanager is a bird that belongs to the passerine species and is of medium-size. It can be found in various regions such as Costa Rica, Panama, Trinidad, Colombia, Guyana, Venezuela, Suriname, and the northern parts of Brazil.

Their primary source of food is fruit, although they have been known to consume seeds and insects as well.

As the breeding season approaches, the female bird constructs a tiny nest in the shape of a cup. Inside this cozy nest, she lays eggs that are white with brown blotches and proceeds to incubate them for about two weeks or so. Once they hatch, it only takes another 14 to 18 days for the chicks to become fully feathered and ready to take on the world.

The bird’s population is currently maintaining a steady status.

Take a look at this feathered friend featured in the footage down below:

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