“Unexpected Arrival: A Pregnant Pooch Finds Refuge at My Doorstep after 63 Days”

One day, a dog ran up to my gate looking frantic and scared. She was clearly pregnant and her belly was swollen. I could see that she was in distress and needed help. As an animal lover, I couldn’t ignore her plea for assistance. I immediately took her to my local vet to get her checked out.

The vet confirmed that she was around 63 days pregnant and needed a safe place to give birth. I offered to foster her until she delivered her puppies. It wasn’t long before the dog, whom we named Lily, gave birth to six adorable puppies. They were all healthy and thriving under Lily’s care.

Lily was a great mother, but I knew that it would be challenging to find homes for all her puppies. I reached out to my local animal rescue group, Instituto SOS 4 Patas ParanĂ¡, to ask for their help. They stepped in and helped us find loving homes for each of Lily’s puppies.

I’m grateful that Lily found her way to my gate, and that I was able to help her and her puppies. Animal rescue is important, and I hope that more people will do their part in caring for abandoned pets in need. If you’re interested in supporting animal rescue efforts, please consider donating to organizations like Instituto SOS 4 Patas ParanĂ¡ or volunteering at your local animal shelter. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of animals in need.

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