“Nature’s Master of Disguise: Green Broadbill’s Smart Camouflage with a Striking Bill and Feathers”

The Large Bill and Bright Green Feathers of the Green Broadbill Help It to Ingeniously Blend Into the Foliage.

The Green Broadbill is a bright green bird with an unusual head shape resembling an umbrella, found in lowland woodlands. The males have a dark comma-shaped marking behind their eyes and black wingbars, while the females have a softer green color and no black markings. They share their habitat in Borneo with Hose’s and Whitehead’s Broadbills, which are more commonly found at higher elevations. If you’re trying to spot a female Green Broadbill, look for their lack of black plumage, clear bars on their wings instead of spots, and larger size. These birds hoot softly and joyfully, often in a series of calls.

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