Encountering the Stunning Iridescent Feathers of the Dodo Bird’s Colorful Living Relative: A Thrilling Discovery!

Have you ever come across the fascinating Nicobar pigeon? This bird is the living relative of the flightless Dodo bird which is now extinct. However, the Nicobar pigeon boasts a unique and striking appearance that sets it apart from its ancestor. The bird’s stunning colors include blue, copper, and green feathers, white tail, and reddish legs. These colorful characteristics are due to their habitat in coastal regions around the Nicobar Islands and smaller islands, where there is no need for these rare birds to conceal themselves from predators. Despite their beauty, the IUCN has classified Nicobar pigeons as “near threatened”.


Photo courtesy of Sue Demetriou.

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Picture credits: Michael Deneau

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