Discover the awe-inspiring realm of the Wilson’s Bird-of-paradise (Cicinnurus respublica)

The Wilson’s Bird-of-paradise, also known as Cicinnurus respublica, is a unique species of bird that is often admired for its striking appearance and vibrant feathers.

The Wilson’s bird of paradise is a member of the Paradisaeidae family and is relatively small, measuring approximately 21 cm in length. These birds hail from Papua and Papua New Guinea, like most birds of paradise, and are renowned for their flamboyant appearance, boasting a diverse array of colors that they use in their displays. These birds are particularly distinctive due to their striking red and black feathers, neon blue crown (which is so bright it can be seen at night), yellow mantle, and curled violet tail.

The female of this bird species is brown with a blue crown, making them dimorphic. Their diet consists of small insects and fruit. Interestingly, Sir David Attenborough captured footage of this bird while filming and accidentally dropped leaves on the ground. The bird was irritated by the mess and promptly cleaned up the leaves.

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