Creating a Cozy Cat Home: A Family’s Efforts to Give a Stray Feline a Safe Haven.

Gerrie and Loki enjoy lounging and having fun in their spacious catio as they observe the hustle and bustle of the outside world. One day, a new feline acquaintance approached their catio to greet them. Initially, their owners assumed that he was a neighbor’s cat and didn’t pay much attention to it. However, when the cat returned, a neighbor informed them that he was actually a stray who had been living in the area for quite some time. The cat was given the name Ziggy, and his new friends wasted no time in welcoming him into their circle of companions.

Ziggy started coming by for meals twice a day, but he was skittish and wouldn’t let anyone touch him. To help him feel more at ease, his new friends built him a little house of his own. They figured that if he continued to keep his distance as the weather got colder, at least he would have a cozy place to call home. To help him get used to it, they started feeding him inside, hoping he would eventually warm up to the idea of living there.

It appeared that Ziggy was settling into the new house and slowly building a connection with the couple. Nevertheless, it was clear that there was still a significant amount of work to be done. According to Renee, the mother of the cats (who preferred not to disclose her surname), “It took several weeks of feeding for me to be able to touch him while he ate.” “Unfortunately, once he finished his meal, he was no longer receptive to being touched.”

As the couple contemplated their next move regarding Ziggy, they were surprised to find him injured and seeking help in his little home. They quickly took him to the vet for urgent care and brought him back home once he was well enough. The question of whether to continue feeding him outside or bring him indoors was now put on hold, as they focused on nursing him back to health.

Renee shared that they had a special room for Ziggy after his surgery, and later reintroduced him to Gerrie and Loki. However, they decided to keep Ziggy with them because he still got along well with the other pets. To ensure Ziggy felt secure, they built him a small outdoor house, but it was their home where he truly found safety and love from his new permanent family.

Ziggy has finally found his comfort zone in his new abode and he’s absolutely loving it! Although it took some time for him to adjust, he seems to have realized that his new parents are actually pretty cool after all. They helped him recover and took excellent care of him, which made him feel right at home. These days, you can find Ziggy lounging by the window or napping near the cozy dishwasher – two of his favorite pastimes. He still enjoys hanging out with his furry siblings in the great outdoors, but now he has to share the spacious catio with Gerrie and Loki instead of having a small space to himself.

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