“Chucha’s Incredible Journey: How One Determined Cat Defied the Odds to Find Her Way Back Home”

Upon first sighting Chucha, Anžela Dolmatova, who leads the “Animal Protection Group” shelter under the Liepāja Kennel Club, believed that the kitten’s front paw would require amputation. However, with the help of concerned individuals and veterinarian Sarma Korklish’s skilled surgeries, Chucha has made a complete recovery and has rejoined her family in their colony.

Chucha, a homeless kitten, was fortunate to have survived a terrible injury to her front paw, thanks to her strong will to live and healthy appetite. A kind man who regularly cares for homeless cats noticed the injured kitten lying in a pool of blood and called Angela Dolmatova for help. Angela then contacted veterinarian Sarma Korklish, who agreed to do her best to save Chucha’s paw. The situation was complicated and challenging, as a large piece of skin had been torn off from the leg and paw. However, with determination and skill, Sarma Korklish helped Chucha recover from her injuries.

The street cat’s life would become even more complicated if part of her leg were to be amputated, given that she had spent her entire existence on the streets.

Chucha’s leg was rescued and cured thanks to the expertise of the vet and multiple surgeries. S. Korklish and A. Dolmatova diligently tended to Chucha for over a month. The vet explained that while wild cats may fear humans, they are often adventurous and take dangerous risks without understanding the potential consequences, which leads to severe injuries.

Upon Chucha’s rehabilitation, the idea was proposed to socialize and put the kitten up for adoption. However, A. Dolmatova quickly realized that this plan wouldn’t work as Chucha had only recognized her feeder and co-worker who called her, having lived in the wild all her life. Additionally, while staying with them, Chucha’s not-so-sunny character began to show as she seemed unhappy with being kept in captivity and wanted to return home to her family. Therefore, after Chucha had fully recovered, she was taken back to her place of living where she seemed ecstatic to reunite with her own. The man who cares for and feeds the colony of homeless cats expressed his gratitude for the responsiveness and for saving Chucha.

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