“Abandoned Feline Left Without Care: Discarded with Litter Box on the Sidewalk”

In Brooklyn, New York, a heartless individual abandoned a cat on Nostrand Avenue earlier this week. To add to the cruel act, they left the poor feline with his litter box and other essentials right beside him. It was a devastating sight to see as the cat was found in tears. The Flatbush Area Team for Cats (FAT Cats) shared a photo of the abandonment on their Facebook page, sparking calls for justice. Unfortunately, the cat, who was later named Nostrand, disappeared shortly after being found, as he was chased away by a street sweeper.

According to Elizabeth Champ, a co-founder of FAT Cats, a group that advocates for trap, neuter, and return in Brooklyn, individuals often share posts on social media when they spot an animal that appears frightened or requires assistance. She revealed that when she learned about Nostrand, a missing cat, she and a few others in the neighborhood initiated a search for him. FAT Cats expressed gratitude towards their neighbors who helped in the search for the melancholic feline on Facebook last Wednesday, which was also the same day his picture was circulated.

It is suspected that he may be hiding until the commotion on Nostrand Ave dies down, given the heat and the amount of work happening there. Despite the collective efforts of rescue groups and concerned residents, Nostrand remained missing for several days. However, on Sunday morning, a retired cat rescuer named Karen Oh discovered him in her backyard in Brooklyn. According to a post on Facebook by the rescue group, Nostrand was quickly taken to the vet for a checkup and microchip scan. Although no microchip was found, the good news is that he is a healthy one-year-old male cat.

During his first check-up at Prospect Park Animal Clinic, Champ had nothing but positive things to say about Nostrand. According to Champ, Nostrand was a model patient who didn’t seem to mind having his blood drawn for testing. Sadly, many older male cats like Nostrand are often abandoned in New York City due to the lack of affordable spaying and neutering services. Champ believes that people cannot afford to have their cats fixed, so they end up abandoning them and purchasing new ones. Fortunately, Nostrand is now under the care of FAT Cats and will be neutered soon. Thanks to the amazing community that has come together to help him, Nostrand will soon be ready to find his forever home.

In the midst of changes happening in Flatbush, animals have proven to be a unifying force for the community, according to Champ. If you’re based in NYC and are interested in adopting Nostrand, reach out to FAT Cats through brooklynfatcats. You can also support their efforts by making a donation to the organization.

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